Sunday Talks
Summerhall Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Your chance to listen, question and tap into the expertise of the people who know the tradition inside out.
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12:30pm  Mairi Thérèse Gilfedder:Mediating Between the Past and Present
Changing Faces of the West Coast Fiddle Tradition in Scotland

From South Uist, Mairi Thérèse was surrounded by traditional music from a young age. Her talk is based on stylistic aspects of the west coast fiddle tradition and the changes that have taken place in recent years, drawing from correspondence with Angus Grant as well as the experience of a younger generation of fiddle players.

1:30pm  Katie Overy: Music and the Mind

What is musical intelligence? Can learning new musical skills change the brain? Katie Overy is a Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Edinburgh with a background in music psychology, music neuroscience and music pedagogy. This talk will present a range of recent research into the nature of the musical mind.

Mairi Thérèse Gilfedder

Katie Overy
Get Out There! Seminar
Summerhall, Cairns Lecture Theatre    Sunday 2:00-5:00pm Click Here for more information

2.30pm  Meet The Wrigley Sisters 

Meet Jennifer and Hazel, hear them chat, and ask them questions about their journey from humble Orcadian beginnings to globally recognised music fame, with some hilarious stories along the way. From the recording of 'Dancing Fingers' when they were just 13, to their worldwide tours and their setting up of ‘The Reel’: a music school with a cafe & bar, music shop, venue and exhibition space.

Meet the Wrigley Sister
3.30pm  Sara Watkin: Fine Tuning the Fiddler, Because You're Worth It!

Dr. Sara Watkin was Honorary Physician for the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine. She now runs a clinic for injured performing artists at Out of the Blue, Edinburgh. Sara will explain pain, then gallop through the physiological, psychological and biomechanical challenges of fiddle playing. This year she'll add a little for teachers about the emotional aspects of learning.