One of the most prestigious and nourishing events on the fiddle music calendar
— Rob Adams, The Times

Premiere of Newly Commissioned Piece by Mike Vass: The Four Pillars

Friday Concert 16 November

Newly Commissioned by the Scots Fiddle Festival, The Four Pillars by Mike Vass, and featuring himself, Patsy Reid, Jenna Reid and Lauren MacColl as soloists, with string quartet, tuned percussion (Iain Sandilands) and piano, will have its Premiere on Friday night at the opening concert.

“We are delighted that the festival is now of a standing where we feel confident to commission a piece of new music to help us settle into our new home at the Pleasance in Edinburgh. Mike Vass will be bringing together top fiddle players from around Scotland and we are delighted to premiere this new piece of work at our Friday evening concert” Rosie Munro Artistic Director.

The Commission was supported by Creative Scotland Open Project Fund.

 Mike Vass

Mike Vass


  • Change to workshop - We have updated the content of Workshop 24 Advanced Step Dance with Aliosn Carlyle, 4.00pm on Sunday 18th, to a Combined Learn to play Fiddle for, and Learn to Dance. It is open to both fiddle players and dancers, being taught separately but combining regularly during the workshop, to put practice into action. The tutors are Alison Carlyle and Amy Geddes who will ensure an informative and fun workshop. Fiddle players are not required to dance, nor vice versa, but it is not prohibited!

  • Full programme announced - tickets on sale now! Visit our Tickets page to book.

  • Next years Festival - Friday 15th to Sunday 17th November 2019 - get it in your diary now!


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